Google Passwords Leaked

If you haven’t heard by now, millions of Gmail usernames and passwords were leaked. I would highly recommend that GMail users change their password and consider using their 2-factor authentication.

Whether you are dealing with GMail or any other email provider or service, if there is the option for 2-factor authentication I would recommend you utilize it.

What is 2-Factor authentication?
2 factor authentication is a method used to identify and authenticate a user before gaining access to a system. Most people are familiar with using a username and password to gain access to a system. Usernames and Passwords are considered single factor authentication because only the password is used for authentication. The username is only used for identification.

What are the types of authentication?

TypeBrief Explanation
Something you have  This can be either an RSA fob, Common Access Card (CAC), or a telephone in the example above.
Something you know  This will typically consist of a password or PIN
Something you are  More expensive to implement, but this will typically consist of fingerprint scanners, retina or iris scanners. This method of authentication is unique to you, and generally can not be stolen or compromised.
Somewhere you are  This is typically linked to a computer in a specific location

Google's method for using 2-factor authentication is that when you log into your account using your username and password, you will then be sent a text message with a unique pin that is then used to gain access. Even if someone guessed correctly your username and password, they would need to have access to your phone to receive the text message that contains the unique PIN. All of this add another layer of protection.


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