Most people know someone that has either lost a cell phone or computer, and because these items are essential to our daily lives, it is important that we protect the data from being compromised. Many experts and media outlets preach strong passwords, but few mention data encryption. Enterprise organizations use encryption to protect data at rest and in transit, allowing the data to remain confidential. The average person has the ability to utilize the same principles to protect their private information as well. Since most users do not require encryption key management, there are Open Source tools that will offer the same protection that enterprise businesses utilize.


If you have ever stored PII (personal identifiable information) on an electronic device, you can benefit from data encryption. Criminals are more tech savvy than they were in years past, and a password that locks a computer or phone is no longer a deterrent. The tools to defeat these measures can be found on the web or in most electronic stores for only a couple of dollars. Encryption increases the difficulty and time required to access your information. While is doesn't prevent your computer or phone from being stolen, it does prevent unauthorized access to your data.


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