Be careful what you click on


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Be careful of the attachments and links you open in your email. Even if you are the type that prefers to do most of their correspondence via text message, you still need to be careful. Text messages, just like email, is still susceptible to attacks that will attempt to steal information or install malware. Yes, smartphones can get viruses. While it maybe common to think that the attacks and hacks only target high profile people, even the lowest paid person in an organization can fall victim to a cyber attack. The fact is that regardless of your political, financial, or social status hackers will attack anyone. You maybe the subject of the attack or you are being used as a pawn in a larger attack. Sometimes the links or attachments are used to run malicious code on your computer. Depending on the type of attack data could be extracted from your computer or held for ransom. This is why backups, secure passwords, and routine password changes are necessary.


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