BlackBerry Passport died

A few weeks ago, my BlackBerry Passport died. This was the second time in two years that I had an issue with it, and it happened to be the same issue both time. Both times seemed to be a failure with the SIM card reader. At some point both phones were dropped dozens of times, at varying heights, and on various surfaces, but the phone was not dropped prior to either failure. The phone got to a point where it would not receive a signal, and display "Emergency Calls Only". The lovely folks at AT&T swapped out the SIM card, but with no success. There were several reboots attempted, but this still did not correct the issue. Both BlackBerry Passports were the AT&T version with the rounded edges, and not the true BlackBerry Passport where the corners are more square. The first Passport was replaced under warranty, but the warranty ran out the next time around.

I really like the BlackBerry phones and the BB10 operating system (OS). Being a tech guy, people would automatically assue that I would gravitate to the iPhone or an Android phone. I have tried these phones years ago and was never impressed with them. Other than the occasional game of Poker or Sodoku, I never play games on my phone. I also might search the web on my phone, but that is more out of necessity or laziness. It is far easier for me to type and read anything on my computer than any phone. I don't really have much downtime anyways for games or social media, and when I do it is spend like most Americans in front of the television. Most of my time is spend on business or working on new projects. Once my Passport died, I migrated back to my BlackBerry Z10.

I always keep at least one old phone, because you never know when you might have to go back to them. At the time I bought the Z10, I thought it was the greatest thing. When I migrated to the Passport, I initially had some reservations with it. They call it a Passport, because it is the same size as a Government Passport. At the time, I was unsure how convenient it would be to handle a phone of this size. I come to appreciate the screen size for reading emails, and the physical keyboard for replying to emails. When you are a busy professional on the go, sometimes it is more convenient to reply on a phone than to pull out my computer. I still think that the Z10 was, and still is an awesome device. I do hope that BlackBerry releases another phone with the large screen, QWERTY keyboard, and most importantly BB10 OS.


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