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Amazon is becoming a amazing High-Technology Company. They are consistently improving their website to meet their customer’s needs by making their site easy, quick, and convenient. By using their site analytics and customer data, they are able to implement changes that provide users with recommendations of other products that they would be interested in. They have been effective in creating an ecosystem that includes ratings, reviews, and email marketing campaigns aimed at introducing products and helping shoppers create an informed decision on products. Outside of email marketing, Amazon utilizes pay-per-click advertisements to attract customers to its websites. Amazon also provides Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Software as a Service (SaaS) platforms for virtual businesses. This will allow other businesses to take advantage of the same inventory and shipping services found on Amazon’s website, and provide clients with cloud storage for hosting and backing up data.

Amazon also broke into the e-reader market by creating a device that was cheaper than their competitors and allowed their users the ability to access media at a reasonable price. The Amazon Kindle and Kindle Fire are great devices for Amazon since they are the best platforms for consuming media. When the former senior program manager for Microsoft Robert Williams, and the head of Windows Phone development joined the Amazon team, there were speculations that Amazon would jump into the smartphone market. The smartphone market would be difficult since it is already saturated by other manufacturers, and that Amazon would have to invest in application development for tools that most smartphone users expect. The Amazon Kindle Fire is competing with giants like Apple and Samsung, but differ because Amazon devices are cheaper than their competitors and allowed users the ability to access media at a reasonable price. Tablets are best used as devices to consume media, which is a perfect fit for Amazon’s commerce and media platform. With more media now being produced in digital formats, will Amazon be able to compete with more established companies like Hulu or Netflix?


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