SharePoint Sync

The reason some people chose to sync is to have the file available offline. Obviously as an administrator there are some very important uses for syncing files. When I did the transistion from a on site hosted SharePoint to the cloud based SharePoint, the ability to sync files make life easier. Office 365 has built in tools to follow and sync. Once you load One Drive for Business, you can then select the desired pages in SharePoint. You then can just drag drop on SharePoint.

As long as you have syncing active you can not delete the library from SharePoint because it treats it as an open process. However, If you delete a file out of the library it is gone to your recycle bin and fortunately the recycle bin on the SharePoint. 

Syncing should only be used by those with a need and that is very few of us.  The idea of leaving sync on and available for everyone is a bad idea, because you may not want all information on the site to be synchronized based on permissions and delete capability.  I would probably lean toward removing the capability and adding as the need is justified. As of right now, I have yet to have someone justify the need to sync versus download.


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