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It has come to my attention that Office 365 Exchange Plan 2 does not send out notifications when passwords are due to expire. This is not an issue for users that only access their email via the web, since the Outlook Web App will prompt you via a pop up notification. These notifications are important to users that access email via other methods.

For Windows users that access their email via the Outlook Desktop Client, there is a Windows Hotfix that will prompt you when your password is due to expire. This YouTube video (  )does a pretty good job explaining how it works.

To download the Windows Hotfix for Outlook 2010, use the following link:
To download the Windows Hotfix for Outlook 2007, use the following link:
In the interim, if you notice that you are unable to connect to the email server, try logging in via the web (  ). Once you login you will be prompted if your password is due to expire or has already expired, and you will be able to change it at that time.

For several days, I have tried to create a powershell script that will query the password expiring date for users, send an email or create a report of the password expiring date of the accounts. After days of research, I spoke with a rep from Microsoft regarding this issue, and it appears that this is not possible at this time to query user password expiration dates. This is interesting, since it is possible to do this with Active Directory using Powershell. It was stated that they will get their development team on this and come up with a solution. ETA is unknown.

Days later I received the following:

"The option for sending email notification for password expiration is currently not available in Office 365 for now , the best way around will be to use Azure AD premium subscription which has some additional features as in SSPR please refer to the following article:

If we get any update regarding the same in future it will be shared with you.
Your patience and understanding is highly appreciated. Thank you for choosing Microsoft Professional Support and for your continued trust on our products and services."

I will keep you posted if I find anymore information.


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