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I received an email the other day from a user that just recently added his Office365 email account into Outlook on the desktop, but only a few of the his contacts show up.  Is there a way to transfer all the contacts over?

Funny thing is that there is I can’t find any information regarding this. You would think that this should be fairly straight forward. There is a lot of information regarding importing contacts into OWA (Outlook Web App), but not syncing or exporting from OWA. Here are the options that I can see right now.

  1. Remove the account and set it up again. There is a possibility that something somewhere was not configured correctly.
  2. Outlook is pretty good at saving contacts of frequently emailed contacts. If you select Contacts, you should see Suggested Contacts. If you click Suggested Contacts, you can drag and drop contacts from here to your main Contacts list. If you are like me and store a ton of information about your contacts in your Contacts list, this may not be very helpful.
  3. Rebuild your contacts manually. This could be a huge PITA if you have lots of contacts.


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