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Today is the big day. Windows 10 is supposed to be released today, and I wanted to share my journey of upgrading my Windows 7 Professional to Windows 10 Professional. This system is not connected to a domain, but I will document any changes, if there are any, to systems connected to a domain.


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When I fired up my PC, there were no bells and whistles stating that my system has been upgraded. One of the things I did was right click on the Windows logo in the toolbar and clicked Go to Windows Update. This obviously took me to the Windows Update screen, where a 2.7GB download was waiting for me. Of course I clicked the Get started button, but not before performing a system backup. I have a lot of important files, and an error in the update could cost me a lot of time and money.


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Once you click on the Get started button, you will get the usual update screens. You will be taken to a window that will ask you to accept the terms, and later on a prompt to restart your computer. The whole process took over an hour to complete, but the end result is worth it. One of the benefits, to the upgrade it the ability to use BitLocker, without the extra expense that came with Windows Ultimate or Enterprise. Now everyone has the ability to do full disk encryption. I’ll save the benefits to encryption for another post.


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