Win 10 Blue Screen

It seems that the more people I support that have migrated to Windows 10, the more I start to hate Windows 10. I have had more complaints that Windows boots up to a blue screen. In every case, these computers started off with Windows 7 Professional and were upgraded to Windows 10 Professional. After doing many hours of troubleshooting, it appears that the Boot Configuration becomes corrupted. I believe the issue stems from how the OS gets upgraded.

When Windows gets upgraded to a new version, it creates a backup of your C:\Windows and renames it C:\Windows.old. The Windows directory contains everything that a computer needs to boot your system into Windows. I believe what is happening is that the computer either detects both instances, or detects the boot configuration in the C:\Windows.old. The few times that I have encountered this error, the following steps were done.

If you have a WinPE or a Windows 10 installation disk, you want to boot to it. With the Windows 10 installation disk, you want to go to Troubleshoot -> Repair -> Advanced -> Command Prompt.At this point both options will follow the same steps:

bootrec /fixmbr
bootrec.exe /fixboot
bootrec.exe /RebuildBcd


X cleanmgr

Once the commands are entered, type Exit to leave the command prompt and restart your system. The next step I have done, and so far it has worked was to clean up the old install files. This was done by entering in the following in the search bar:


This will allow you to safely clean up old files from your computer. Once it opens click on Clean up system files, and click OK.


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