When a person is seeking a hosting service for their website, what they are essentially doing is leasing a server or space on a server. The server is what processes the code to deliver the content that you view in your internet browser, and process the information you submit through your browser. Not only should your hosting account provide the horsepower and bandwidth necessary to process this data, it must also have the storage necessary to store all of the content to require.

Once you have an idea of the direction your website is going to go, you can then move to looking at domain names and hosting services. This week, I will go over what is a domain name, purchasing a domain name, and domain registration. There is a lot of technical information behind domain names. I won't go into too much detail about the behind the scenes stuff, but I will supply enough information that will help you navigate and maintain your web service.

My team and I have consulted and been a part of developing dozens of websites and servers. One of the things that seems that seems to be often overlooked is the maintenance. With all of the cyber attacks and vulnerabilities, there is a need to keep the software and websites running on systems updated with the latest patches.

With the explosion of the web and internet connected devices, people will often ask how do they setup a website? Depending on your needs, the process is fairly simple. Over the next few weeks, I will be releasing in-depth information on the various steps in the process. For this week, I will cover understanding your requirements.

Your requirements will determine how much or how little needs to be spent on your website. There are dozens of companies that will allow anyone to create a website for free in a matter of minutes. These sites are great for people that are getting started, that may not know exactly what they need. There are millions of people that take this approach, and these option seem to serve them well year in and year out. This allows you to learn for free and only spend money in the areas that you feel are necessary.

While this maybe a great option for some, the options available to customize the way you want are limited. Oftentimes, the options for customizing are usable, but you may not be able to achieve the look and flow the same way you would from a site built from the ground up based on our specifications.

Knowing what your requirements are helps you choose the tools, the design, and methods to best achieve your goals. A website designed around blogging will be excellent for blogging, but will lack the functionality necessary to sale hundreds of goods. Although, you could use a blogging site to build an e-commerce site, the skill and tools required to achieve this maybe outside the realm of non-technical people or many of the free services. Choosing the right tool from the beginning makes your path going forward a lot easier.


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