Several days ago, I stumbled across an article that mentioned there was an exploit found in Firefox. This concerned me because I, along with millions of others, use Firefox almost exclusively. If you are a Firefox user, please make sure that you are running the latest version. The root of this issue is with JavaScript and its interaction with Firefox's PDF viewer. It was mentioned in the Mozilla Security Blog that this vulnerability does not execute code, but has the ability to inject JavaScript code into a PDF and allow it to upload sensitive local files. This exploit leaves no trace it has been run on the local machine and seems to target specific files on Windows, Linux, and MAC systems. Firefox version 39.0.3 is an update in response to this exploit; users should make sure they are at least at this version.



I am always intrigued with solutions that will save enterprises money, and also satisfy end-users. Many organizations have migrated to BYOD, but this can be problematic for enterprises with a limited technology budget or staff. Imagine a hand full of people trying to support every hardware type and configuration. Then ask yourself what's installed on these systems that have the potential to affect your corporate infrastructure.

I am often asked about which gadget to buy, as if I am an expert on every electronic device on the market. Just recently, I was asked about what cell phone to buy. As most people know, I am a huge fan of Blackberry. I realize that not everyone shares my passion for the crack-berry. The question I will often ask the most is what is your intended purpose. Will your phone be used primarily for business or personal use? For the most part, all smartphones are capable of doing the same things. What makes one device more suited to some purposes than others typically comes down to the user interface and the ergonomics.

Way to often, I hear complaints from people stating that they need a new computer. The reason is usually that their system has become so slow that it is unusable, and in some cases it crashes. These same people will spend hundreds of dollars on technical support and antivirus software, and their system continues to perform poorly. In many of the cases that I have seen, the reason for the poor performance is due to operator error.

Hackers have found a way to steal fingerprints??

Many of you own phones that utilize a fingerprint sensor for authentication (ie. Samsung and Apple). For the longest time, fingerprint sensors were viewed as an adequate means of authentication, but there appears to be a method now to steal your fingerprints using a photo. The following link provides more information on how this is done.

If you haven’t heard by now, millions of Gmail usernames and passwords were leaked. I would highly recommend that GMail users change their password and consider using their 2-factor authentication.

Whether you are dealing with GMail or any other email provider or service, if there is the option for 2-factor authentication I would recommend you utilize it.

SharePoint has been vital for collaboration, project management, and document control for many businesses. Since SharePoint Online was released, it is only right that it become the latest thing on businesses minds. SharePoint Online has come up several times with some of my clients while discussing infrastructure and cloud solutions. Cost seems to be the driving factor for most business to move to the cloud, so it is natural for things to move to SharePoint Online.


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