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The internet has been around nearly 50 years and has helped produce so many innovative breakthroughs. While this may seem like a long time ago to many millennial's, the popularity of the internet did not start until the late 80’s early 90’s. Since then, so many things have changed, which has led our current adaptations. Nearly 3.2 billion people now have access to the internet, which is slightly less than half of the earth’s population.

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I am sure by now you have heard about the WannaCry ransomeware attack that impacted millions of people. In a previous post, it was mentioned that one of the best ways to avoid falling victom to these types of attacks is by keeping your system up-to-date with the latest patches. We also covered other reasons to keep servers updated with the latest versions applications. These reasons also apply to your PC.

Amazon is becoming a amazing High-Technology Company. They are consistently improving their website to meet their customer’s needs by making their site easy, quick, and convenient. By using their site analytics and customer data, they are able to implement changes that provide users with recommendations of other products that they would be interested in. They have been effective in creating an ecosystem that includes ratings, reviews, and email marketing campaigns aimed at introducing products and helping shoppers create an informed decision on products. Outside of email marketing, Amazon utilizes pay-per-click advertisements to attract customers to its websites. Amazon also provides Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Software as a Service (SaaS) platforms for virtual businesses. This will allow other businesses to take advantage of the same inventory and shipping services found on Amazon’s website, and provide clients with cloud storage for hosting and backing up data.

The United States government definitely maintains a powerful influence that has the ability to force tech companies to share any collected information on their users. While the government may use the collected data for covert actions, there are more overt and legitimate reasons that technology giants like Google or Yahoo would share the information it collects. Generally, these companies use the data that they gather to the benefit of their users by creating a better user experience. With all of the services that companies like Google provides, the different types of information that is collected can vary. A vast majority of the information that is collected by Google is done through their account creation forms, internet searches, browser cookies, and e-mail contents. In general, most companies and devices collect basic information like name, email address, telephone number, but they also collect information on the services used, the frequency that those services are used, and provides this data to their advertising services. Information that has been collected is used to protect and maintain the services for their end-users, and provide relevant search results and advertisements.

I just heard a few days ago that Google is now jumping into the smartphone market. While there are dozens of good smartphone manufacturers, the key players in this market still seem to be the Samsung Galaxy and the Apple iPhone. Google has definately done something right, since the Samsung Galaxy in using the Android operating system that was developed by Google. Google has been working with Nexus delivering phones using Android, and it looks like the two decided to come together under one roof to produce the Pixel. My question is, how does it stack up against the competition?

Yahoo is one of the latest organizations that has been a victim of a cyber attack. It appears that the impact of this attack has impacted Yahoo email users as well as Yahoo Fantasy Football users. This issue is important to note because millions of users passwords along with their challenge questions and answers were compromised. Many people reuse the same password to access everything from banking to email accounts. Couple this with the fact that people receive bank statements and other personal information into their email, makes this a recipe for disaster.

A few weeks ago, my BlackBerry Passport died. This was the second time in two years that I had an issue with it, and it happened to be the same issue both time. Both times seemed to be a failure with the SIM card reader. At some point both phones were dropped dozens of times, at varying heights, and on various surfaces, but the phone was not dropped prior to either failure. The phone got to a point where it would not receive a signal, and display "Emergency Calls Only". The lovely folks at AT&T swapped out the SIM card, but with no success. There were several reboots attempted, but this still did not correct the issue. Both BlackBerry Passports were the AT&T version with the rounded edges, and not the true BlackBerry Passport where the corners are more square. The first Passport was replaced under warranty, but the warranty ran out the next time around.


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